Our successes


The biggest success "Bosna" reached in november 1994 in Lyon, where tin the final of X European Champions Cup triumphed and become team champions of Europe.

Golden cup (and medals) won the "golden boys": Garry Kasparov, Ivan Sokolov, Predrag Nikolic, Zurab Azmaiparašvili, Bojan Kurajica, Emir Dizdarevic, Smbat Lputjan and Kemal Osmanović (captain).




Great success "Bosna" reached at 31st oktober 1999 in Bugojno, where they were in the finals of European Champions Cup XV (played top 8 clubs), triumphed and became the second time team champions of Europe.

Large golden trophy won the "golden boys": Yevgeny Barejev, Veselin Topalov, Ivan Sokolov (captain), Jeroen picket, Zdenko Kozul, Bojan Kurajica and reserves Emir Dizdarevic and Zeljko Galic (vice captain).




For the third time in history”Bosna”achieved great success in September 2000 in Neum at XVI competitionfor European champion and in that time Bosna was the best chess and sports collective in BH at that time.

Large golden trophy won the "golden boys": Yevgeny Barejev, Kiril Georgiev, Sergey Movsesjan, Ivan Sokolov (captain), Zdenko Kozul, Suat Atalik and reserves Bojan Kurajica and Emir Dizdarevic




Biggest success in history "Bosna" reached in September 2002 in Kalithea, where became the fourth team champion of Europe. 

By winning four titles in the European club champion Kalithea, Bosna has become the most successful club in Europe and the world, because CSKA Moscow (USSR) won three titles. 



XXXI Olimpijada u Moskvi 1994.

Tremendeous success achieved: Predrag Nikolic, Ivan Sokolov, Bojan Kurajica, Emir Dizdarevic and Kemal Osmanović (captain. The representation of BiH at  XXXI Olympiad in Moscow, when they won the silver medal, which will remain written in golden letters in the history of chess ...

In addition to "Bosna" BiH team members, as reserves, were: Nebojša Nikolić (member of the "Sarajevo") and Rade Milovanovic (member "TŠK" - Tuzla).

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