Our Activities

Chess equipment rent

Chess Club Bosna started to rent chess equipment required for the realisation of chess events at a simbolic price: Chess set (standard size plate and figures)                                 2,00KM with VAT included (per day of competition)  Chess clock (battery… read more

Restaurant “TOP”

Welcome to our restaurant... Our traditional hospitality, flavored with experience, freshness of summer garden and decorationin ethno style will contribute to your good mood. Our reastaurant have excellent cuisine and a wide range of classic meals combined with… read more

Conference room

We have a large hall suitable for all kinds of events such as seminars, press conferences,educational programs, presentations, meetings, formal and informal meetings and other forms ofbusiness meetings. Customers can use conference or VIP room during the whole… read more


We have a nicely furnished apartments which are available throughout  whole year. We are able to provide full service , bearing in mind that we have our restaurant. The fact that we are located in the center of the… read more

Published by SK Bosna

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Literatura i books

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