Robert Markus, the winner of "Bosna 2013"

Winner of 43 International chess tournament "Bosna 2013" by additional criteria is the chess player Robert Markus. Winner of B tournament is Adnan Mayor, while the most successful female chess player is Sara Jacimovic.

Leading Markus and Kovacevic played very solid tournament in the last round they went undefeated. Understandable is their decision to make, though white, are not too ambitious, but it offers draws successfully finish the tournament. Veteran Nikolic was one of the most militant players and a draw against Markus was only his second draw of the tournament. Chance to win in the final round and catch the leading players and even win the tournament because of the better additional criteria had Hungarian player Gabor Papp. But the finish was met with great champion Djukic from Montenegro. And just when the positions intensified both players remembered folk wisdom that a sparrow in the hand is better than a pigeon on a branch, and the peace is made. Rusu Antipov likes Sarajevo and last year he won here the Grandmaster norm. Today he needed to win against Dalibor Stojanovic for another Grandmaster result. Antipov has long built edge, came to the obtained positions but when nerves and deadline mixed, he dropped the victory. Longtime pillar of Bosnian team Zdenko Kozul played as usual all parties to the end. In the last round Kozul broke the resistance of Grandelius and with that is the most militant player of the tournament with only one draw. Very massive B tournament showed that Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina need such competitions. Many young players have gained valuable experience, and the occasional tear is seen an integral part of the birth of new stars. The tournament was won by great Adnan Bandic.

This year's traditional tournament brought together 107 participants from 12 countries of which 29 chess players took part in a tournament and 78 in the B tournament. The prize money was 43.000,00 KM and sponsors of this year's chess tournament "Bosna 2013" are : FBiH Government , Canton Sarajevo , The City of Sarajevo and the Council of Ministers .

The tradition that began back in 1957, today has grown into a global value. For 43rd time the page is printed in chess history of Sarajevo. This year's tournament was again superb cultural, sporting and social event, also one of the biggest events in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the remarkable way to promote our city and our country in the world. We have kept the tradition of the one of the three largest Open chess tournament in the world and I hope that next year we will have a larger number of participants and more better positioned players. See you at "Bosna 2014".

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