4th round: Fast draws, turnover in game

4th round on the A tournament was mark with a few quick draws on top boards. Russian representatives Evgeny Gleizerov and Aleksandr Rakhmanov, quickly made a peace, and shortly after, same result  happened in games Kurajica - Jovanovic and Palac - Sebenik. The most interesting game is played on the 2nd board between Zdenko Kozul and Mustafa Yilmaz. Although after opening seemed that Yilmaz will create serious problems for the former European champion, Turkish player made couple unprecise moves and went into troubles. Suddenly, in techically winning position Kozul made big blunder and game is finished in favour of Yilmaz. With this result he joined Rakhmanov and Gleizerov on the top.

Standings: Rakhmanov, Gleizerov and Yilmaz 3,5, Kozul, Jovanovic, Kovacevic and Kurajica 3, etc.

Top pairings are: Rakhmanov – Yilmaz, Kozul – Gleizerov and Jovanovic – Kovacevic.

On the B tournament, only two players have maximum score - IM Rajko Bogdanovic and Amar Salihovic. Bogdanovic convincingly defeated FM Nihad Hodzic, while Salihovic was better than FM Robert Veleski from Macedonia. Their encounter is inevitable in the next round. Their most serious competitors are FM Srdjan Zelenika, Goran Vajić and Lazar Stavnjak. Still the most successful female players are Laura Unukand Gabriel Koskoska, they were joined by three points by Mila Zarkovic from Serbia and Teja Vidic from Slovenia.

Results : Bogdanovic and Salihovic 4 points, Zelenika, Vajić and Stavnjak by 3.5 points, etc.

In the next round fighting for the top of thelist is expected in parties: Bogdanovic - Salihovic, Zelenika - Stavnjak and Simic - Vajić.

Gallery: https://plus.google.com/photos/117397142410841646195

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