3rd Round: International Tournament "Bosna 2014"

First round today ( Sunday ) at A tournament marked weaned parties on leading boards. Duels Kožul - Stevic and Rakhmanov - Kovacevic are finished in favour of white, although in both parties defeated players were near victory. Kozul and Rakhmanov, who have maximum points, were joinby the grandmaster Evgeny Gleizerov. The most experienced representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina, grandmaster Bojan Kurajica achieved his second victory in a row and is now the most successful representative of our country. The longest game of this round is played between the Olympic team members Mustafa Yilmaz and Denis Kadrić. After nearly five hours of fighting, Yilmaz was able to convert minimal advantage into full point.

At the head of the list is trio Kožul, Rakhmanov and Gleizerov with 3 points, followed by Yilmaz, Kurajica and Jovanovic with 2.5 points, andother players more than 50% Stevic, Stojanovic, Solomunović, Palac, Šebenik, Kovacevic, Bosiočić, Dizdarevic with 2 points, etc.

In the fourth round top matches are: Gleizerov - Rakhmanov, Yilmaz - Kožul and Kurajica - Jovanovic.

On the B tournament 14 players who had maximum number of points played against each other. Five games were decided.. Unlike on A tournament , first favorutie of the tournament IM Rajko Bogdanovicis among leaders after his win against Eldin Bucan. Slovenian Laura Unuk made surprise by achieving drawagainst FM Srdjan Zelenika. She is, along with Gabriela Koskoskafrom Macedonia, in a group of players with 2.5 points.

Current situation on table is: Bogdanovic, Mesic, Veleski, Hodzić and Salihovic 3, Zelenika, Vajić, Nuhić, Stavnjak, Mrnđić, Terzic, Koskoska, Unuk and Hadzi - Manev by 2.5 points, etc.

In the next round main games are : Hodzic - Bogdanovic, Salihovic - Veles and Vajić - Mesic.


Gallery: https://plus.google.com/photos/117397142410841646195

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