1st round: Sure Favorites

Grandmasters Aleksandr Rakhmanov from Russia , Benjamin Bok from Holland and a former champion of Europe Zdenko Kozul accomplishedrelatively easythe first victory. The first holder of the A tournament Hrvoje Stevic after great struggle managed to beat International Master Blaze Kalezić and with that join the main frontrunners on the head of the list. At the very beginning viewers are able to enjoy the BH derby between old friends in 64 fields , international masterZvonimir Mestrovic and grandmaster Bojan Kurajica. Despite efforts of both of them to achieve victory at the start of the tournament , the game is over with no winner. Young representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina Denis Kadrić and Dejan Marjanovic recorded a draw. Marjanovic was definitely pleased with a draw in the party with Grandmaster Marin Bosiočić. On other side, Kadrić failed to realize superior position in the party with Senad Kamberović.

On the B tournament, as expected, most of the favorites recorded secure victory. Of the first ten playerson the list, only slipped away Vea Odin Blikra from Norway losing from Milomir Milovic. It is interesting that female players were more successful in the first round , 11 of them achieved 6.5 points. Favorite for the first prize have marked the victory , and the surprise draw of the guest from Macedonia Monika Stojkovska in the match with a third carrier FIDE master Enver MURATOVIĆ.

For A and B tournament is played a total of 66 parties - White were celebrating in 23 parties , black were successful in 24 parties, while 19 parties ended with no winner.

The next round in A tournament brings four Grandmaster challenges : Stevic - Ulibin , Djukic - Rakhmanov , Bok - Stojanovic and Šebenik - Kožul.

Given the large number of players , the second round of the Btournament will not mark duels between the main favorites to win the first prize.

Gallery: https://plus.google.com/photos/117397142410841646195

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