8th round: Rakhmanov secured first place

44th International Chess Tournament "Bosna 2014" , held in Sarajevo from 30 of  to 6 of June 2014. Playing hall is situated in a luxury hotel Radon Plaza *****. Today was scheduled to be the eighth round which started at 4:00 PM.

Leader of the tournament, the russian grandmaster Alexander Rakhmanov did not risk - a draw in the 15th move with a third carrier of tournaments Benjamin Bok. Stevic, Kozul, Palac and Sebenik won today games, and in the last round follows tight battle for second place. Dejan Marjanovic with victory over IM Dejan Nestorović came one step closer from winning the first standards for international master. In the final round he need a draw in the duel with the Turkish representative Ali Marandi.

Standings: Rakhmanov 6,5, Kozul, Stevic, Bok , Sebenik and Palac 5.5 points , etc.

Duelsof 9th round : Stevic - Rakhmanov, Bok - Sebenik and Kozul - Palac.

The first two boards in the B tournament ended with a draw. Mila Zarkovictook advanatge defeating M. Mrnđićem and joined Bogdanovic, Salihovic and Vajic at the top of the list. The winner of the tournament will be resolved in the first three boards, the most significant duel is Bogdanovic - Zarkovic.

Standings : Bogdanovic, Salihovic, Vajic and zarkovic 6.5 points, Stavnjak, Hodzic and Bucan 6, etc.

Duels of the last round are : Bogdanovic – Zarkovic, Bucan - Salihovic and Vajic - Stavnjak.

Gallery: https://plus.google.com/photos/117397142410841646195

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