7th round: Rakhmanov fled competitors

44th International Chess Tournament "Bosna 2014 " , held in Sarajevo from 30 May to 6 June . Playing hall is situated in a luxury hotel Radon Plaza ***** . Today was scheduled to be the 8th round with start at 4:00 pm .

Rakhmanov continues with excellent games. Having taken the lead victory over Yilmaz in the fifth round , with his today's victory in the match against Kozul, he escaped companions for the entire rally . With 6 points from 7 games and performance of 2846 points he almost secured first place in a tournament . The third favbourite Benjamin Bok, after weaker play in first part of tournament, managed to comeback by defeating Croatian grandmaster Zoran Jovanovic . Among other results should be sorted out Dalibor Stojanovic's victory against the young Denis Kadric. With this result Stojanovic became the most successful representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina .

Standings: Rakhmanov 6  Gleizerov, Yilmaz and Bok, Kozul, Stojanovic, Stevic, Sebenik, Kovacevic, Palac, Ulibin and Bosiocic 4.5 points, etc.

Pairings in the penultimate round are: Rakhmanov - Bok, Stevic - Yilmaz, Palac - Gleizerov, Kozul - Bosiocic, Stojanovic - Kovacevic and Sebenik - Ulibin .


On the B tournament Bogdanovic , Salihovic and Vajić continue with a run for first place. Bogdanovic defeated FM Zeljko Simic in exiciting game, while Salihovic and Vajic sure to duel against Bucan and Hodzic . Best female player in the first 7 rounds is Mila Zarkovic. After victory in this round, she is sharing 4th place.

Standings: Bogdanovic , Salihovic and Vajic 6 points , M. Mrndjic , Stavnjak and Zarkovic 5.5 , etc.

Top pairings in 8th round are: Salihovic - Vajic, Stavnjak - Bogdanovic and M. Mrndjic - Zarkovic.

Gallery: https://plus.google.com/photos/117397142410841646195

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