6th round : Rakhmanov still leading

44th International Chess Tournament "Bosna 2014" , held in Sarajevo from 30 of May to 6 of June. Playing hall is situated in a luxury hotel Radon Plaza *****. Today was scheduled to be the sixth round who started at 4.00 PM.

Unlike the previous two rounds, the A tournament has brought a large number of weaned games. The first board was finishwith a quick draw in the game Jovanovic - Rakhmanov, while on the second board Kovacevic dropped advantage against Gleizerova and the game finish with draw. Croatian representative, Zdenko Kozul defeated Bojan Kurajica and  approached  Rakhmanov with half points. The thrilling duel was on the fourth board Yilmaz - Ulibin. Russian grandmaster sacrificed material for attack . Still,after excellent defending Yilmaz won.

 Standigs : Rakhmanov 5, Kozul, Yilmaz and Gleizerov 4.5, Jovanovic, Sebenik, Kovacevic, Bok, Palac and Bosiocic 4 points, etc.

Top matches in the next round are : Kozul - Rakhmanov, Gleizerov - Yilmaz, Bok - Jovanovic, Bosiocic - Palac and Kovacevic - Sebenik.

On the B tournament, after a major battle, the following results were achieved in the first five boards : Vajic - Bogdanovic draw, Salihovic - Mrndjic draw, Hadžović - Hodzic 0-1, Stavnjak - Zarkovic draw and Bucan - Muratovic 1-0. FM Nihad Hodzić and Eldin Bucan caught leaders of the previous rounds Bogdanovic, Salihovic and Vajic.

Standings : Bogdanovic, Salihovic, Vajic, Hodzic and Bucan 5 points, Stavnjak, M. Mrndjic, Veles, Zarkovic, Unuk, Simic and Turk 4.5 points, etc.

Significant matches in 7th rounds are: Bogdanovic - Bućan, Salihovic - Hodzic and Simic - Vajic.

Gallery: https://plus.google.com/photos/117397142410841646195

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