5th round: Rakhmanov alone on top

44th International Chess Tournament "Bosna 2014", held at the Radon Plaza ***** entered the second half of the tournament after finishing fifth round. Unlike the previous day, the schedule was one party who started at 4:00 PM.

And this time, the A tournament was marked by a large number of draws in the front boards. The most interesting were the duels in the first two boards Kožul - Gleizerov and Rakhmanov - Yilmaz. Gleizerov missed the opportunity to take advantage of more paws, and in bilateral temporal scarcity dropped gain. Party Rakhmanov - Yilmaz has long been balanced, but the Russian grandmaster showed better technique, won a paw and came to his fourth victory. He became leader of the tournament. Among other results should be sorted out victory of Dejan Marjanovic, who continues the great game and everything is closer to win the first standard for the title of International Master. The best representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina is still grandmaster Bojan Kurajica, who today had draw a  with Emir Dizdarević.

Results : Rakhmanov 4,5, Gleizerov 4, Yilmaz, Kožul, Jovanovic , Kovacevic, Kurajica and Ulibin by 3.5 points etc.

Top matches in the next round are : Jovanovic - Rakhmanov, Kovacevic - Gleizerov, Kurajica - Kožul and Yilmaz - Ulibin.

After the fifth round on the B tournament any player has no effect of one hundred percent. The duel between IM Rajko Bogdanovic and AmarSalihovic is finished in a draw. This is used by Vajić Goran  who beat the FM Srdjan Zelenika and cachedthe leading duo. On the other side  the FM Lazarus Stavnjak shared points with FM Mirsad Kahrovic and failed to join the leading trio. Mila Zarkovic had another victory and now is in a group of players with four points and in first place in the competition of female players.

Results : Bogdanovic, Salihovic and Vajić 4.5 points, Stavnjak, M. Mrnđić, Hodzic, Hadžović, Zarkovic and Bućan 4 points, etc.

Significant couples of the sixth rounds are : Vajić - Bogdanovic, Salihovic - Mrnđić, Hadžović - Hodzic and Stavnjak - Zarkovic.


Gallery: https://plus.google.com/photos/117397142410841646195

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